Services & Pricing

When you track your project at Acoustic Ranch you can be assured that the quality of the raw recording will be excellent.  Our top of the line microphones and preamps combined with great sounding rooms allow us to get a great recording even before we begin the mix.

Pre-production gets you ready for the recording experience.This includes what  you need to know, and do in order to complete a great recording project. This prepares you and will help to put you at ease as you go through the process. We will meet with you for the initial pre-production session for no charge.

In production, we can tailor what we offer to suit the demands of your project. We offer flexibility with an ample  knowledge in acoustic recording and we are fully midi capable. We can play the part of producer/engineer, or we can act as engineer only.

Using our 24 track Alesis Adat HD24 we can provide top quality concert recordings that will have the clarity and professional sound that you are looking for to capture the magic of your concert.

Mixing is the process of taking all of the individual elements of a song and combining them together to form a cohesive and balanced recording. Using the techniques of tone-shaping, dynamic control, as well as time and pitch correction, this process turns the initial tracking into a song that projects the emotion of your work to the listener.  We can also provide drum replacement and various software plug ins to shape the music in a variety of ways.

Once your mix is complete and you are totally satisfied with the results, it is time for Mastering. Mastering is the process of preparing the final mix to be competitive and compatible with current consumer formats and sound quality. This can involve slight frequency adjustments and overall loudness. The importance of mastering is most apparent when putting together a collection of songs and achieving a cohesive sound among them.

Our studio rooms work perfectly for voice overs whether it be spoken word, commercials, taglines or narration.  With top of the line microphones and preamps your voice over project will be recorded with maximum vocal clarity and no background noise. 

Session can be coordinated with Skype so a producer can direct the talent off-site.


The basic studio room rate for tracking, mixing and mastering is $70/HR including engineer.  There is a one time setup fee for the project of $70.

The day rate (lockout) is $600 for up to 10 hours.  

If you would like to take advantage of having a producer work with you on your project the rate is $40/hr.  We provide an initial pre-production session for no charge. 

No matter what your budget, we will work with you in making your project one you are proud of.

NOTE: 50% of project cost must be paid up front with the remaining 50% paid before final mixes/masters are delivered.