Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Acoustic Ranch Recording Studio is an ideal space to come relax and get inspired for your next record. 


Larry Lewis started recording in his 20s on a two-track cassette recorder. He was always the one at parties making sure the musical ambience was just right and decided to start recording his friends and himself for fun. He was a musician in Florida with a residency at The Hilton Hotel for many years, but eventually settled in Northern Colorado about 16 years ago. During this time, he continued recording his friends until 2012, when the second largest fire in Colorado history, The High Park Fires, burned through 87,284 acres of land. It took 259 homes, including Larry’s cabin. This devastation lead him to evaluate the life he had been living and a shift began to evolve. He decided to dedicate himself to recording. He remodeled the space, bought new equipment and made a push to make the studio available to all musicians. Since then, he has recorded over 75 albums and songs of some of Northern Colorado’s finest musicians ranging from acoustic and country, to rap, African Gospel, heavy metal, blues, voice overs, acapella, classical and more. With a residential addition in the works for 2019, he’s setting his sights on bringing in musicians from everywhere to come be inspired at Acoustic Ranch. 

Larry continues to be a staple in the Northern Colorado music scene. He has played all over the Front Range, Florida, England and most recently Budapest. 

Larry Lewis Owner/Producer